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Latest News:

Monsanto acquired Delta & Pine
Aug 16, 2006
The multinational announced yesterday, that it has signed an agreement for the purchase of the global leader of cotton seeds.

European Commission supports Argentina in Monsanto battle
Aug 11, 2006

The European Union has agreed with Argentina regarding complaints filed by Monsanto over roundup ready soybean products shipped from Argentina to Europe.

Chinese GM cotton farmers are loosing money
Jul 26, 2006
After seven years of use of the GM Bt cotton, populations of other insects, such as mirids, are out of control.

Destruction of the illegal transgenic cotton fields divides the sector
Jun 30, 2006
Following last week CNTbio's recommendation to destroy the illegal transgenic cotton fields, an open war has started between the producers and the seed companies.

Monsanto revised the value of the soy royalties over the grain harvested
Jun 22, 2006
Monsanto revised the value of the royalties that will have to be paid by producers of Mato grosso do Sul.

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