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Monsanto History

See: Monsanto's Sordid History from the Center for Food Safety

GMWatch has compiled information on how Monsanto is trying to force-feed GE food to the world.

"A Monsanto History" (2004) was published by  

The Organic Consumers Association's Monsanto page also has lots of Monsanto history.

The Polaris Institute has a few reports on Monsanto, including "Monsanto: Behind the Scenes" by Kimiko Inouye (2004)

The ETC Group publishes reports on the global seed oligopoly, including this one (2005). 

Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly  has information about Monsanto and dioxin, Agent Orange, PCBs, and BGH, as well as the precautionary principle.  (use their search engine to find relevant issues)

"A Checkered History," by Brian Tokar (The Ecologist, 1998) also has a useful page called  "Monsanto Roundup" 


Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey M. Smith

Food, Inc. by Peter Pringle (2003) 

Fatal Harvest by Andrew Kimbrell (ed.)

Hungry Corporations  by Helena Paul and Ricarda Steinbrecher .